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Elevating customer support experience with the use of real-time voice AI

Fully autonomous human-like support on phone and email

Agara auto resolves most of the simple to partially complex customer queries with utmost perfection. Agara’s proprietary text-to-speech system is incredibly life-like and brings the same warmth to conversations that your best agents do. Be available 24/7, 365 days for your customers.

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Smart Virtual Assistance to human agents

Agara combines the best of human intelligence and AI to present resolutions, suggestions and next steps on a simple and easy to use interface for your agents. Reduce your average call handling time by 50%. Rest assured your agents will be happier, more productive and profitable.

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Automatic Speech Recognition

Every incoming voice and speech stream is first transcribed into machine readable text.

Advanced NLU

Agara’s proprietary NLU engine enables a deep analysis of the transcribed voice and text stream and classifies them into proper intents.

Deep Learning

The deep learning model trained with 10 million+ customer support specific data points, then uses this input to find the right resolution to a customer’s issue.


Our human-like Text-to-Speech system then replies to the customer with the steps to troubleshoot and closes the call like how a human agent would do.

Dashboard & Analytics

Agara also provides a rich dashboard that gives you all the data ranging from key support metrics to agent performance stats.

Flexible Deployment

Agara fits in non-invasively with your CRM and cloud telephony services with minimal development requirements, so that you can deliver business impact right away.

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Reduce Operational Costs by autonomously handling Booking Cancellations, Refunds and more.

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Reduce churn, improve loyalty and create upsell opportunities with your consumers

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Improve CSAT by providing personalized service on phone and email channels 24/7, 365 days.

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Conversational Commerce to improve conversions and scale support at no additional cost.

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"Agara's partnership has been strategic, where Augmented Intelligence gifts our advisors with superpowers allowing them to build trusted customer relationships at scale."

Rosa Maria Cruz, Associate Director - Global Business Services - P&G

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