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The times have made it clear that delivering superlative customer experiences is a key to success as customers look for real-time, human-like conversations to engage with the brand. We, at Agara, believe that voice conversation should be without friction, without barriers, and without frustration. Using the latest advances in Deep Learning, we are building ubiquitous, pleasant, and meaningful machine-led voice conversations accessible to all.

Our mission is to bring life into autonomous conversations by making machines understand, interact, and learn better. Our patented AI technology enables businesses to deliver human-like experiences over voice.

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What drives us

Since the inception of Agara, the customer is at the center of what we do. We set out to fix the universally broken customer support experience by building the world’s first fully autonomous Conversational Voice AI, which will set the standards for future bots.

Over the last five years, we have invested time and effort in understanding customer pain points to create a voice-first interface that simplifies business-to-consumer communications and enhances customer experiences.

Agara partnership has been strategic, where Augmented intelligence gifts our advisors with superpowers allowing them to build trusted customer relationshipa at scale.

Rosa Maria Cruz Associate Director - Global Business Services Procter & Gamble

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Co-founder & CEO

Arjun Maheswaran

Co-founder & CTO

Dawn Varghese

Director, Sales

Amit Gupta

Director, Marketing

Our board members and advisors

Pankaj Gupta

VP Engineering and Site Lead, Coinbase India

Sanjay Nath

Managing Partner, Blume Ventures

Kirill Kozhevnikov

Partner, RTP Global

Kiran Mysore

Principal at UTEC Japan

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