Agara + Amazon Connect

Combine the strengths of Amazon Connect's cloud
contact center and Agara's autonomous virtual voice agents
to create a seamless support experience

Agara works in conjunction with Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-integrate, scalable cloud-based contact center that supports enterprises globally to deliver personalized experiences and enhance their customer service. Agara seamlessly integrates with contact centers that use Amazon Connect and powers them with its cutting-edge AI technology to drive autonomous conversations and resolve customer queries end-to-end — with zero human intervention.

Agara works in conjunction with Amazon Connect to respond to customer queries in real-time, in a fully autonomous manner. Agara uses a call transfer methodology to integrate with Amazon Connect and applies proprietary Speech Recognition, Spoken Language Understanding, Purpose-built NLP & conversational technologies along with custom Text-to-Speech systems.

How Agara complements Amazon Connect's capabilities

Virtual Voice Agent for Query Resolution

For automating high-velocity queries, Agara seamlessly integrates with Amazon Connect and provides end-to-end resolution without human intervention. Enterprises can invoke Agara for a specific use case while keeping the rest of the flow unchanged. This is a minimally disruptive approach ensuring quick rollouts.

In addition to taking inputs from Amazon Connect and utilizing it to orchestrate the workflow, Agara also sends all critical information, captured during the autonomous call, back to Amazon Connect for reporting purposes.

This ensures Amazon Connect continues to have full visibility of calls handled by Agara and maintains transparency of information for further analysis and action.

Smart Conversational IVR

In this integration, on calling the contact center, the customer directly states the query without having to listen to the lengthy IVR options. Agara recognizes the exact need from the customers’ speech and routes them automatically to the right department or agent.

Agara + Amazon Connect: Better Together

Agara’s autonomous technology in conjunction with Amazon connect can drive zero wait time for high-velocity use
cases and help manage volume spikes, without increasing headcount in proportion, especially at short notice.

Autonomous technology can also help organizations streamline customer communication strategies, gain insights into
autonomously handled use cases, drive consistency and agility in the wake of business-driven needs.

24X7, 365 Days

NPS Uplift by

Handle Spikes in Support Volumes Effortlessly

Zero Wait Time
for Customers


Improved Agent Experience
& Productivity

Solutions for your industry


Help customers with tracking claim status, filing the first notice of loss, and managing their accounts


Handle service activation or deactivation, SIM card management, account management & troubleshooting


Provide bill details, accept change in address, due date reminders & deferral requests

Retail & eCommerce

Manage order tracking, modifications, returns & refunds, answer calls at individual stores

HR & IT Support

Respond to payroll queries, new hardware requisitions, automated reminders to employees


Manage real-time flight status updates, bookings, cancellations, modifications, disaster alerts

How to connect?

In all scenarios, this integration accounts for seamless exchange and integrity of information
between the telephony and autonomous voice capabilities of Agara.

Agara’s pre-built connectors into industry-leading CRM systems ensure a fully well-orchestrated
architecture between telephony, conversational IVR, autonomous voice,
and enterprise systems.

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