Customer Service

October 5, 2021 6 Minutes
See why you need AI for intelligent appointment scheduling over phone

Virtual Voice Agents empowers businesses and customers alike to carry out real-world tasks like appointment scheduling over the phone using AI-powered natural conversations, minus the hassle.

May 17, 2021 5 Minutes
5 ways conversational AI is transforming contact centers

With conversational AI, businesses witness 30% better efficiency and 80% cost savings. Here are 5 ways it is transforming contact centers.

April 30, 2021 8 Minutes
The 10-Step Guide to Scaling Customer Support — with Conversational AI

There has been an acceleration in global deployments of conversational AI solutions post-pandemic, especially in the financial, hospitality, and retail sectors, to manage unexpected customer engagements, provide consistent information, drive efficiency, and maintain business continuity.

December 21, 2020 3 Minutes
Reducing Cost per Call in Contact Center while Improving Customer Service — with Voice AI

Augmenting contact center operations with cutting-edge voice AI technology enables businesses to save on operational costs and improve the customer experience

December 3, 2020 4 Minutes
Why Contact Centers in the Pandemic Are Turning to Conversational IVR

AI-powered conversational IVR  system has the ability to understand human speech as well as the context, intent, and sentiment, empowering businesses to engage customers in human-like interactions at scale.

December 2, 2020 3 Minutes
Define, Design, and Deliver Hassle-free Customer Experience

Are you struggling to deliver hassle-free CX? Watch this webinar for some powerful ideas to deliver the right CX, & drive real change with conversational voice AI.

November 3, 2020 6 Minutes
Deliver better support experiences with customer service automation

Implementing customer service automation processes empower businesses to deliver faster, more effective, and frictionless customer service, leading to enhanced customer experience.

October 15, 2020 5 Minutes
Chatbot Vs. Voicebot. Who’s the winner?

Voicebots, building on the momentum created by chatbots, are well on the way to become the new standard in customer service automation.

October 6, 2020 6 Minutes
How Voice Bot Can Empower Your Bank — Use Cases and the Future

Customers demand faster, effortless ways to engage with banks that […]

September 15, 2020 5 Minutes
How Voice AI Is Changing the Insurance Industry

Voice AI is transforming insurance services by elevating customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction scores, minimizing support costs, and improving operational efficiencies.

August 24, 2020 6 Minutes
The Impact of Voice AI on Banking Industry

Banks are capitalizing on this consumer and technological trends and are implementing voice AI to enhance their CX strategy.

August 17, 2020 5 Minutes
How to Apply Conversational AI to Improve Customer Experience

Conversational AI applications help brands enhance the overall customer experience. AI-powered voice and chatbots allow customers to interact with businesses using natural language.

July 17, 2020 4 Minutes
Top 5 issues faced by call centers during Covid-19 and how Agara can help

Call centers are facing critical issues during the pandemic; Agara helps call centers sail through the pandemic by offering autonomous call support.

July 13, 2020 4 Minutes
Augmenting customer experience with conversational AI

Customer-facing businesses are leveraging conversational AI to enage faster and better, and deliver customized services for improved customer satisfaction.

February 13, 2020 4 Minutes
The Newest Dimension in Customer Service

Has the seemingly far-fetched reality where we talk to AI-powered voicebots to get things done, just started getting real. Read more about this new dimension in customer service here.

Team Agara
January 30, 2020 4 Minutes
Why B2C Companies are embracing AI-based Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, immediacy and relevance are the most desirable factors for customer delight. Explore how AI-based customer service can help you deliver that and more.

Team Agara
September 12, 2018 5 Minutes
The Unmatched Experience of Building AI for Enterprises

Some of our stories about things we broke before building the state-of-art Conversational AI engine that powers millions of conversations