Contact Center Automation - with Voice AI

A Voice AI platform that automates high volumes of inbound and outbound calls and helps resolve customer queries quickly and naturally, while driving higher CSAT and ROI

Contact Center Automation - By the numbers

Run a contact center with increased efficiency, decreased operational costs, improved
accuracy, and ultimately drive more customer satisfaction and ROI


Reduction in
live agents calls


Operational cost

<3 min

Average call
handle time


Contact center

What do we do?

Automate high-volume
inbound calls

Execute autonomous
outbound calls

Provide real-time
call insights

Inbound capabilites

Self-service with zero waiting

  • Resolve customer queries instantly, 24X7
  • Handle high-volume calls, simultaneously
  • Engage customers in natural, contextual conversations
  • Accurately capture call information into CRMs
  • Route calls to live agents, if need be
  • Conversational IVR that resolves and do not deflect customers

Eliminate misrouted calls and reduce hold times
with 1-step, intelligent Conversational IVR

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Outbound capabilities

Scale intelligent outbound campaigns

  • Proactively reach 100s & 1000s of customers, without any human agent involvement
  • Engage customers in two-way, natural conversations
  • Automatically register customer requests for callbacks
  • Record call details into the CRM
Call insights

Monitor key business metrics

  • Record and transcribe every call
  • Visualize call volume and call disposition information
  • Visibility into every customer conversation, intents identified, and entities captured
  • Insights into resolution rates, AHT, and customer sentiment

Faster payback, higher ROI

4 weeks


<3 mon

Payback period for
early ROI


Call resolution

The Agara difference

Natural, two way conversations

Deliver the best elements of human conversation—context, tone, pauses, fillers—and build deeper customer relationships. Our Voice AI understands customers intent, handles complex, multi-turn conversations, and interacts in real-time.

Infinite customization

Customize Agara to suit your exact business requirements. Select preferred voice; modify bot dialogs and call workflows using pre-built conversation blocks available within minutes; and deliver hyperpersonalized experiences.

Unlimited scalability

Handle hundreds and thousands of customer calls simultaneously, without any human intervention. Agara expands and contracts as the call volume fluctuates, ensuring you never miss a call. Scaling with Agara is 60% cheaper.

Integrates into your contact center stack

We use the SIP protocol to connect with your existing telephony setup which is standard across all such systems.
No matter what you use now, you can use Agara. Get up and running with Agara immediately.

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with Voice AI? Look no further

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