A New Chapter

Abhimanyu CEO and Co-Founder

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Coinbase, the most trusted platform for accessing the crypto-economy.

We started in 2017 with the idea that by applying the latest developments in Deep Learning and Conversational AI to unstructured customer support data, we could help create a bit of magic in everyday support conversations. Helping customers reach their desired outcomes faster and helping support agents provide great experiences could improve the lives of people on a daily basis. Over the past 4+ years, we believe we have delivered exactly that. Working with some of the largest consumer brands around the globe, we have helped deliver faster and more seamless support experiences to millions across the entire western hemisphere.

With this new association, we will continue developing and delivering the same high-quality support experiences to the rapidly increasing base of Coinbase customers around the globe. Coinbase has already invested heavily in support agents and is launching several new support initiatives to better serve customers. This, combined with Agara’s Deep Learning-powered product lineup, will create an industry-leading customer experience stack.

Everything we have built-in these eventful 4 years have been thanks to the amazing team at Agara. This team has not only built great products, but they have also stuck together in the face of inevitable change and have continuously executed in style.

We have been incredibly lucky to have the trust and partnership of such a great team. We owe this outcome to several people who have supported us through this journey. Pankaj Gupta, our co-founder and the closest advisor. Sanjay Nath from Blume. Kirill Kozhevnikov from RTP Global. Kiran Mysore from UTEC. We are also extremely grateful to our earliest backers — Mike Abbott, formerly from Kleiner Perkins, and Rosa Maria Cruz from Procter & Gamble.

We are excited about the many new products and ideas we’ll be working on together in the coming months and years!


Onwards and upwards,

Abhimanyu & Arjun

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