Agara Labs raises pre-series A funding from Kleiner Perkins

Abhimanyu CEO and Co-Founder

I am very happy to announce that Agara Labs has raised a pre-series A round of funding from Kleiner Perkins, leaders of technology investments in the world.

The investment affirms the faith Kleiner Perkins has in the future of deep learning in general and the abilities of the team at Agara Labs in particular. The funds will go a long way towards helping us build out a spectacular team and solve some of the thorniest problems facing enterprises today. In addition, the unmatched experience and expertise that Kleiner Perkins brings with them will be instrumental as we grow and encounter competition across the globe.

Mike Abbott has joined the board of Agara Labs. His personal experience in helping multiple technology companies scale will be of massive value. I am also happy to announce that Pankaj Gupta, Director of Engineering at Google, is an advisor to Agara Labs.

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