Augmenting customer experience with conversational AI


‘Alexa, play baby shark!’

These are typically the words I say every morning when I wake up with my one-year-old daughter. After we clap and laugh together through the song, the happy customer toddles out of the room. I, for one, say ‘Alexa, stop’ to start my day.

Be it such voice assistants, virtual agents, chatbots, household appliances, or even talking cars, bots have quite become an integral part of our daily lives. There are billions of such IoT devices that we have conversations with, to manage work and homes, pay bills, place orders, transfer money, exchange valuable information, and solve problems.

Voice AI is being incorporated in myriad devices as it is not just trendy, but convenient too —we all talk faster than we can type. Voice AI is the intelligent combination of understanding human intent and data; this enables Voice Bots to automate complex multi-turn conversations and offer personalized experiences at every step. There is an augmented change and sophistication in the voice AI market that is not going to slow down anytime soon, influencing human experience beyond imagination.

Customer experience – the lynchpin of a business

Experience-oriented conversational AI systems are led by augmented and virtual reality, and autonomous things. Add to this the power of analytics, data, and insights, businesses today have the potential to optimize customer service interactions like never before, making them more personalized, contextual, and value-driven. Happy customers are those who don’t have to wait in line when facing a problem. Better still, happy customers are those who receive an immediate resolution to their queries. The news of a single disappointing customer support interaction can spread like wildfire, leading to more significant catastrophes for a business.

On the other hand, the life of customer service agents isn’t straightforward either. For starters, they have to use a multitude of software, some of them built decades ago. Complex workflows can make simple tasks tedious and confusing. And then there are various training protocols they have to follow, to deliver that enduring happy customer experience. Enterprises across the world have begun to comprehend these realities; they have set out to build extraordinary customer-facing solutions by deploying bots with design-led conversational engagements.

The impact of conversational AI on customer-facing businesses

Over the years, conversational AI has matured as a time-and-money saving sorcerer in customer service. It empowers businesses to have virtual agents carrying out tasks just like humans would. With conversational AI, real-time voice assistants can fully comprehend not only the dictionary meaning of words in a sentence but also the context behind them. Virtual voice agents are emotionally intelligent enough to sense frustration or worry, and alert human agents when their assistance is needed to solve an issue.

Many customer-facing businesses implement conversational AI as part of their business strategy to deliver customer service. However, most of them don’t realize the potential it offers to optimize the experience that is delivered. Conversational AI helps understand what drives customer behavior and their way of interaction. Like human agents, AI can modify a conversation based on influences like the person’s historic relationship with the business, sentiments, and context. It can accomplish human work precisely and productively – solving indefinite customer issues simultaneously. Businesses can gain insight into multiple use cases, adapt and develop new ones, and become more spontaneous and responsive based on customer experience.

Money talk

Voice AI solutions prioritize customer calls based on urgency and autonomously respond to pressing questions, enabling human agents to address the more complex issues. AI voice responders quickly and cost-effectively manage fluctuating call center demands, leading to higher levels of customer service and exponential savings for businesses.

The ROI and cost efficiency that voice AI brings to the table are huge – For instance, a company that decides to outsource to an offshore call center can probably save big by implementing an AI-based voice assistant to handle all the low-level queries, instead of outsourcing. All the money that’s saved can be invested in high-quality training for staff to deal with more complex and, more valuable issues. Today, voice AI is enabling many global customer-facing businesses to witness more than a 30% increase in operational efficiency, and save up to 80% on support costs.

The data goldmine

Every customer interaction with a call center agent generates valuable data that can help understand the customer’s obscure needs, buying habits, and customer service expectations. Until recently, contact centers had just been sitting on a goldmine of customer data that was rarely used due to the inability to analyze and gain actionable insights out of it. Thanks to conversational AI, Bots remember every conversation they have. Existing customer data streams and the data derived through conversational AI can be analyzed to gain new and meaningful insight about customers at an individual level.

The impact of conversational AI on the human experience

Conversational AI positively impacts both customer and agent experiences. Customers never leave when they are provided with immediate and effortless resolutions by AI agents.

Many customer service agents are dissatisfied due to the fact that most of their work is monotonous and tiresome. Conversational AI helps these agents work faster by eliminating the mundane, repetitive tasks and suggesting actions based on real-time data. Highly repetitive, high-volume tickets that pose a very little business risk, can be autonomously resolved by AI agents – baggage costs for airlines, or order modifications for retailers, for instance. Unlike the now vanilla debate of conversational AI replacing call center agents, the real picture is one where AI is uplifting humans – assisting human agents wherever and whenever possible, collecting and analyzing customer data, or recommending responses.

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