Flying High with Singapore Tourism

Abhimanyu CEO and Co-Founder

Agara has been selected as a finalist in the Singapore Tourism Accelerator (STA) program. The STA is organized by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and its appointed corporate innovation partner, Found8. STB is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, which aims to drive innovation & develop the country’s tourism sector. The tourism sector currently contributes 4% to Singapore’s gross domestic product.

The accelerator’s objective is to enhance the development of innovative solutions and launch startup-corporate pilots with industry players such as Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport, and top hotel and hospitality groups such as Far East Hospitality and Pontiac Land Group, to name a few.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Singapore Tourism Industry

The Singapore tourism industry has grown exponentially in the past decade with a record incoming traffic of 19 million international tourists in 2019, from 10 million in 2008. The tourist revenue receipts accounted for SGD 27 billion in 2018. However, this stream of revenue has certainly taken a drastic hit of ~30% in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first quarter of 2020, leading to a loss of 20,000 visitors every day. Businesses and hotels are taking a massive hit with travel restrictions on the most popular visiting countries such as China, Indonesia & India.

About the Singapore Tourism Accelerator Program

Agara was chosen from amongst a pool of hundreds of promising AI/ML-based startups & scaleups. The chosen companies will have unfiltered access to work with some of Asia’s most important industry players. This highly selective, equity-free program is six months long, out of which 2 months will be used for identifying a potential pilot project, and 4 months in implementing it. The 6 months will end with a Demo Day with industry partners and investors.

Agara will assist in reviving this industry once deployed in the air travel & hospitality industry. Agara’s goals are aligned with that of the accelerator program – generate productivity gains and cost savings for tourism businesses.

Driving Innovation with Voice

Agara will achieve this with its Autonomous Voice Conversation engine, a state-of-the-art AI-powered voice engine that handles a large number of customer calls without any agent assistance. Agara enables companies to respond to customers instantly, round the clock. This also frees up qualified human agents to focus on the most complex, most involved queries thus improving efficiency while enhancing customer experience. By creating a highly efficient mix of human and machine capabilities, Agara allows travel and hospitality companies to control their costs, enhance their service capabilities and provide high-quality service throughout.

Agara is on a mission to radically improve voice conversations between customers and enterprises the world over. It uses proprietary AI technology to create autonomous voice engines to handle complex, multi-step, guided conversations. Talk to us if you are considering improving the efficiency of your communications.

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