Does Agara develop chat bots? Does Agara replace chat bot? We already have a robust chatbot. Why do we need Agara? What is the difference between a chatbot and Agara?

Agara works purely on Voice and does not develop chat bots. While voice bots and chatbots have some similarities, Voice brings in a host of challenges that are simply not present in chat and these fall under the categories of (a) Understanding the user (b) the conversation (c) voice that speaks out. 

Understanding the user: 

  • There are 100+ English accents in the world and hence a voice bot for global brands needs to be robust across accents, while the content (text) of what they may be saying could be exactly the same 
  • Customers can call from a variety of noisy environments 
  • Somethings are hard even for human agents on voice channel like getting the customer’s name, identity, etc., because words spelt differently can have very similar pronunciations 
  • Most chatbots can be menu-driven and hence easy to capture consumers intent and ensure good user experience, but a menu-driven conversation on speech has poor user experience. 

The conversation: 

  1. a) Capturing entities accurately in most multi-turn conversations like ‘Was that A as in Alpha or E as in Elephant? ’ and the conversation needs to account for it.
    b) The conversation needs to be deeper to match the expectation of the consumer who called in expecting a human agent. A very chatbot like conversation can be detrimental to the user experience. 


  1. a) A robotic sounding bot is a bad user experience. Human agents undergo quite a bit of training on the voice and tone. The bot needs to ideally mimic the same for the best user experience. 
  2. b) Different situations require different tones to be taken. For instance, the tone an agent would take with an irate customer is different from the one they would take with a happy customer. 

Agara doesn’t replace chatbots as chat and voice are two very different channels. Chatbots are a deflection strategy to deal with simple, easy-to-answer queries. Despite using chatbots and menu-driven pps, a considerable number of customers still end up calling, as seen by the massive call volumes. Agara is designed to especially handle more complex queries from customers. This is the case for the industry that Agara concentrates on, validated by the massive call volumes. 

If you have significant call volumes you need Agara. Agara brings with it a leap in conversational voice technology which can instantly handle complex customer queries, 24×7 and can massively scale to handle call spikes / volume uncertainties common in the current covid situation. And it does all this while keeping the customer experience at the centre by providing a zero-hold time experience, consistent and objective messaging and a truly natural conversation. The significant cost reduction that you get by the automation is purely a by product.