Does Voice AI automation compete with RPA ? Can you explain with an example ?

RPA can do a great job of handling repetitive, rules-based tasks that would previously have required human effort, but it doesn’t learn as it goes like, say, a deep neural network. If something changes in the automated task – a field in a web form moves, for example – the RPA bot typically won’t be able to figure that out on its own.

Still, there’s definitely a relationship between RPA and AI, even if you’re in the camp that thinks RPA does not actually qualify as AI. And that relationship is growing.

AI technologies that augment and mimic human judgment and behavior complement RPA technologies that replicate rules-based human actions.

Converging AI with RPA enables businesses to automate more complex, end-to-end processes than ever before, and integrate predictive modeling and insights into these processes to help humans work smarter and faster.