How Does Agara differ from Conversational AI platforms like Rasa and Dialog flow?

Google Cloud Dialogflow is an end-to-end development suite for building conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, popular messaging platforms, and IoT devices.

Dialogflow and Rasa are a text-first conversation platform.

Agara is:

(a) Voice conversation agent: Agara is purpose-built for voice conversations and all the complexities that come with it like accents, noise, capturing entities which can have varied spelling, customer expectation of deeper conversations on voice as they typically call expecting an agent. 

(b) Industry context: Agara is pre-trained with the knowledge of specific industries and there is no extra data/training needed to understand the common terminology and use cases. Agara also uses its patented Deep Learning models to squeeze out every bit of accuracy possible from its data. This is not the case with Rasa and Dialogflow where the client needs to provide the data, annotate them, and babysit the process and most likely incurring a huge accuracy penalty compared to Agara.

(c) Agara is not a platform: Agara is built for specific industries and use cases and trained on vast amounts of historic conversations. The client only needs to provide a very high-level conversation flow as they would if they were hypothetically onboarding a well-experienced agent to a new product. They don’t need to enumerate all the possible ways the conversation in reality would go, provide common-sense information, specify what happens if the consumer is not following the happy path or cooperating. This is all taken care of out of the box by Agara’s patented conversation engine which is purpose-built to handle long conversations in a truly natural way. The user is free to change the context, say something irrelevant, ask questions on the conversation, provide info without prompting, etc. Agara is engineered to behave exactly as how a trained agent would at the point. This is something that is not possible by design with platforms like Dialogflow and Rasa.