How does Agara work? What technologies are in play here?

Step 1:

Speech Recognition & Understanding

Agara’s Speech Recognition Technology transcribes incoming voice calls into machine-readable text streams. Agara uses unique language models to understand the customer’s voice with exceptional accuracy. Our proprietary NLU engine simultaneously draws actionable insights like the intent of the caller, unique identifiers like PNR, Order ID, etc. and PII like name & mobile number.

Step 2:

Prediction System, Natural & Conversational Troubleshooting

Based on this understanding Agara processes the transcribed voice stream, understands the issue and generates contextual responses. Agara resolves the customer’s query with human-like accuracy through fully autonomous natural dialogues with the customer.

Step 3:

Case Closing & Summarization

Agara has the capability of carrying out requisite fulfillment actions like sending payment links, processing refunds, updating order status, etc. on a case-to-case basis. At the same time, it transcribes the entire call and takes notes and summaries in real-time.

Step 4:

Real-time Analytics

Agara provides you with meaningful analytics and reporting that will help you effectively and accurately manage your customer service based on relevant KPIs.

Technologies at play:

The core of our technology is that it is purpose-built for business-to-consumer voice communication. It factors in the dynamism & complexity of human discourse and comprehends the ontology of your business. Unlike generic AI solutions, our entire AI technology stack is purpose-built for specific industries by training the underlying ML models with 10Mn+ specific data points to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Agara’s ASR can detect your customer’s speech even in non-ideal scenarios, so that accuracy doesn’t suffer whether your customers are calling from a noisy background or have a regional accent. Proprietary narrow speech recognition system that ensures 100% accuracy even in noisy environments.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Agara’s NLU engine is pre-trained using industry-specific datasets to accurately identify the intent (what the user wants), entities (name of the product, date/destination of travel, etc.), and the tone & sentiment from a user’s speech. 

Agara is trained with proprietary data collected for specific use cases for higher levels of accuracy. Our patented model architecture and training methodology ensure minimal latency while doing predictions.

Conversations Module

Agara’s conversations module is built specifically for Voice conversations and hence takes into purview the complexities of it. It is therefore capable of having deeper multi-turn conversations, adapts to the speaker’s change in context, and most importantly converse naturally and not based on scripts. 

Agara’s patented response generation module based on our public state-of-the-art ‘text style transfer’ technique ensures the system always comes up with the most contextual and natural responses. The conversational flow module adapts the responses to the customer’s speech, switches in context and intonation as and when required.

Text-to-Speech System (TTS)

Agara’s TTS is built specifically for business-to-customer communication and to ensure that it doesn’t sound robotic, it is trained using real calls to mimic the speaking style of an actual customer support agent. 

Agara adapts its prosody based on the customer’s sentiment and nature of the query, so that the tone in which it speaks to an irate customer is different from the tone it takes for a customer calling to thank your brand.