How is Agara implemented in production environments?

Agara works in 2 methods. 

  • It can be integrated with the client’s existing telephony system through a SIP Trunk.
  • On the contrary, the client can also be provided with a standalone number managed by Agara.

Agara is implemented in production environments in a phased approach. 

Discovery phase: The implementation of Agara in production environments begins with a 2-week discovery phase. During this time, we gather data to understand how the contact center’s calls are being handled currently. This data enables us to recognize the issues at hand and determine suitable workflows.

The subsequent phases are design, development, testing, and launch, which are typically between 4 and 6 weeks. During the design phase, we analyze the existing conversations and establish the baseline metrics needed to design conversations. The Development phase consists of data annotation, workflow development, training the speech recognition models, and creating new workflows.

Agara supports integrations as needed – with the existing telephony systems that the client might be using, the CRM systems, and any other transactional systems.

After development, the system is tested for performance, data gathering capabilities, pushing the data back to the CRM to complete the process and other mission-critical tasks associated with accomplishing the goals.