What is Conversational AI and how does Agara apply the same?

Conversational AI is a common term used for messaging apps, chatbots, and voice-enabled assistants or bots which can carry out conversations with humans over a text or voice. Conversational AI empowers businesses to engage customers in 1:1 interactions via text or voice at scale. Interactions may be based on context and past behaviors for personalized experiences. 

Agara specializes in voice conversational AI. Agara builds virtual autonomous customer support agents for certain industries and use cases, for instance, an autonomous agent for account management in Banking. Agara’s conversational AI is built on a stack containing Deep Learning / Machine Learning models built from real customer support conversations. 


Conversations Module

Agara’s conversations module is built specifically for Voice conversations and hence takes into purview the complexities of it. It is therefore capable of having deeper multi-turn conversations, adapts to the speaker’s change in context, and most importantly converse naturally and not based on scripts. 

Patented response generation module based on our public state-of-the-art ‘text style transfer’ technique, which ensures the system always comes up with the most contextual and natural responses. The conversational flow module adapts the responses to the customer’s speech, switches in context and intonation as and when required.


Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Agara’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine is pre-trained with proprietary data collected for specific use cases to accurately identify the intent (what the user wants), entities (name of the product, date/destination of travel, etc.), and the tone & sentiment from a user’s speech. 


Text-to-Speech System (TTS)

Agara’s TTS is built specifically for business-to-customer communication and to ensure that it doesn’t sound robotic, it is trained using real calls to mimic the speaking style of an actual customer support agent.