What is unique about Agara’s AI product and approach to make Voice AI contextual and industry specific?

Agara’s uniqueness comes from
(a) the quality of conversations
(b) ease of creating a new workflow for specific industries. 


Quality of Conversations

Agara’s autonomous agents are built to carry out 10x deeper conversations than typical chatbot platforms while holding context. The conversation system is trained on real historic support conversations and can handle any variation that the consumer can up with. Consumers can change their mind mid-call, refuse to provide information, ask questions, provide info without being prompted (things that happen in real conversations) and Agara will seamlessly handle them, gracefully transferring to a representative in the rare cases where the consumer’s question might be beyond Agara’s ability. Agara is also built to learn from the conversations it carries out, getting better over time. 


Ease of Creating workflow:

Configuring Agara for a specific brand/use case is pretty much like onboarding an experienced customer support agent on to the new brand. You would only need to provide Agara the high level, happy path flow, and Agara will automatically add in all the unhappy paths and variations that are possible. Providing a happy path happens in the form of simply selecting from an array of pre-built conversation blocks. However, Agara allows for finer-grained control of the agent’s language as well for people who would need them.