Define, Design, and Deliver Hassle-free Customer Experience


Way back in 2013, the video of a woman having a meltdown at an apple store went viral.
Jimmy Kimmel got the Backstreet Boys to make a song out of it.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that feeling. Right now we’ll never know what she was told by Apple care, or how much of her expectations were catered to. But this was one of the solid illustrations in our recent webinar to highlight the impact of emotions in the customer experience, and prioritizing the elimination of hassle from the customer journey.

In what we may call one of the many firsts for Agara, we presented a webinar last week. The webinar was a big deal for us for many reasons – we wanted to build exposure for Agara and meet potential customers, give the audience helpful insights on the topic at hand, and build a go-to resource for anyone looking to deliver a great customer experience. Did we manage to do all of that?

The webinar titled, ‘define, design, and deliver hassle-free customer experience’ was presented by an internationally recognized customer service expert and top customer service thought leader and author Adam Toporek. Adam is a frontline trainer who helps organizations win by delivering a better customer experience.

Along with Adam, Abhimanyu, the co-founder, and CEO of Agara shared the importance of removing the hassle from the customer journey. They presented some powerful ideas on how the right user experience enables brands to create a competitive advantage and drive real change, and the massive role that conversational voice AI plays, to create smoother and more positive customer experiences.

Yes, it was definitely a fantastic learning experience, a truly rewarding and successful one. At the outset, we would like to thank all the attendees who participated in the webinar.

The key take-aways from the webinar: 

  • Why customer emotion matters in experience
    • How human emotion is tied to business results
    • The importance of emotion and customer loyalty
    • How customer hassle can produce negative emotions that impact loyalty
    • Comparing scenarios of customers who’ve had a negative emotional experience with those who’ve had a positive emotional experience
  • How to adapt to changed customer expectations in a COVID-19 world
    • The change that COVID – 19 has bought in the emotional states, customer behavior, and purchasing patterns
  • How to create hassle-free customer experiences with technology
    • Understanding the intersection of friction and expectations
  • What role conversational AI can play in creating smoother customer journeys
    • Five tactics for reducing customer hassle with conversational AI
    • What Agara can do to create positive customer experiences

Simply fill in your name, company name, and company email and we will send you the webinar link for you to watch whenever you prefer to. Click here to get the link to the webinar.

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