What’s different about Product Management in AI?

Abhimanyu CEO and Co-Founder

While the jury is still out on what AI has in store for us, it suffices to say that we are entering the Post-AI World. This is a good time to look at why Product Management (PM) in the Post-AI World requires an entirely different approach.

Speaking to a gathering of industry veterans, techies, and product managers, Abhimanyu, CEO & Co-founder, Agara Labs, did just that by deconstructing PM for an AI product. Given below are a few extracts from his presentation.

Abhimanyu addressing the audience. Image courtesy: YourStory

AI changes things
All software is developed to generate the same result for the same input. This results-based stability is so ingrained into the process that we rarely think of it.

AI changes all that. Any Deep Learning based product/model is designed to respond to small and large changes to their environment and throw up different results. This variability is the reason why AI is used.

But it is not a monolith…
It is not a giant brain sitting somewhere and doing magical things. Typically, even in the largest of systems, Deep Learning components are going to be one central path surrounded by jungles of software and it is this software, written in a traditional manner that determines how good or bad your product is, and not just the central part.

…nor is it a silver bullet
There is no AI that can solve everything. Even in the best-case scenario, AI does very few things in very small scenarios, some of the time. It’s important to keep a human in the loop to do.

Source: https://dilbert.com/strip/2018-01-16

A/B Testing ain’t easy
In the software world, we have AB testing, where we start with two interfaces, give the same input, and get the same output. But what if your outputs are different? In ML, the minute you change one bit of your model, the output is different.

Organized by YourStory, The Future of Work is an event in Bengaluru attended by industry leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, and technology enthusiasts. As the AI/ML Partner for the second edition of this event, Agara Labs was represented by its co-founder and CEO, Abhimanyu. The title of his presentation was Developing and Managing AI-powered products and was first covered by YourStory here.

Agara Labs is reimagining customer experience with AI at the center. Its products — Sia and BlueDot — help enterprises offer higher quality support over phone and email at reduced expenses. Agara Labs is funded by Kleiner Perkins, Blume Ventures, and RTP Global.

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