Conversational AI for Account Management

Autonomous Virtual Agents forAccount Management

Delight your customers with instant and 24X7 telephonic self-serve for account-related
queries like balance inquiry, updating personal details and more


Why Agara

Routine account related queries constitute the majority of incoming support volume. Agara not only offloads these from your support reps to save costs but also enables better customer experience.

Zero Wait Experience

With Agara all customer calls for any account-related queries are answered in the first ring, so they don’t have to wait in a queue to get this information.


Our robust authentication protocol allows you to enable and combine multiple authentication checks and follow up with personalized responses on verification.

Secure & Scalable

Agara can handle multiple concurrent calls and their accompanying intents. It is also secured by the industry’s leading compliance standards.

Watch in Action

A simple demonstration showing how AI agents can help your customers track their orders. Watch the video to notice how Agara provides multiple authentication routes to the caller for verification.

Use Cases

Agara's AI-powered account management agent comes with industry-specific modules for the following use-cases

Allow your customers to seamlessly manage their bank accounts and query information without the hassle of complicated IVR menus


  • Check account balance
  • Query historical transactions
  • Setup and modify bill payments

Have Agara respond to your customer's credit card related queries instantly for amazing customer experience, resulting in upsell and higher spending


  • Check the total and minimum amount due and the payment date
  • Report lost or stolen card for hotlisting
  • Check total spends and available limit
  • Activate new card and generate pin
  • Modify the payment schedule and due date

Allow your policyholders to query details about their existing policies and all its associated terms and conditions


  • Query important policy details – Sum Assured, Premium Amount, Premium Due Date, Coverage and more
  • Allow users to update their profile information
  • Enroll in autopay
  • Update payment schedules

Agara ensures the security of your user's details with PII verification and 2fa authentication.


  • Accurately detects alphanumeric strings
  • Presents multiple verification routes to the customer, as a human agent would
  • Uses personalization tokens in the conversation after successful verification

Agara's AI-powered virtual agents can help your customers with quick self-serve checkout for their most common account related queries


  • Password/Pin reset requests
  • Check loyalty and reward points
  • Update personal information
  • Redeem vouchers and claim rewards


Deliver exceptional customer service and improve operational efficiency

Up to


Savings on Operational Costs


Reduction in Manual Support

Increase CSAT Scores

Delight your customers with a zero wait support experience 24X7, 365 days. Follow it up by providing quick and instant resolution to their queries.

Improve Efficiency

Improve call deflection rates, reduce manual overheads, and agent training costs to make your overall operations faster and more efficient.

Optimize Agent Time

Free up your support team's time to focus on queries that require human intelligence and empathy, while AI takes care of the routine queries.

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