Improve Recovery Rate with Interactive Collection Calls

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Why Agara

Unlike generic autonomous diallers, Agara's AI-powered collection agents are true human clones. Here's how.

Respectful & Situational

Agara interacts with your customers respectfully allowing them to express themselves naturally to direct the call flow. It also adapts its tone and prosody situationally.

End-to-end Fulfillment

Agara is not merely a qualifying system trying to connect callers to human agents. It can handle the complete flow from authentication to collecting payments via credit card or ACH bank transfer.

Automated Recovery Campaigns

Reach customers at different stages of the collection process – payment reminders before due dates, requesting to pay overdue, etc. Also, be available 24X7, so consumers can complete transactions at a convenient time.

Watch in Action

A simple workflow showing how AI-powered debt collection agents can remind your customers about overdue and collect information about tentative payment date and mode.

Use Cases

Agara's AI-powered collection agent comes with pre-configured modules for retail and financial domain

For brands supplying products to resellers and retailers, Agara can autonomously remind customers to make payment where there is an overdue


  • Autonomous telephonic overdue reminders
  • Capture the “Promise of Payment” and the mode of payment
  • Auto-schedule reminder calls on the committed date
  • Securely collect payments directly on call

For Financial Institutes, Agara can remind customers of their payment schedules and overdue balances


  • Remind customers of debt repayment schedules for loans and credit cards
  • Request for payment in case of overdue
  • Inform about penalties and charges wherever applicable

Agara can also handle all your customer's payment related queries and adjust their plans and schedules to meet their needs while upholding your T&Cs.


  • Authorize transaction with the customer’s consent, directly on telephone
  • Collect the minimum or total amount due, based on customer’s request
  • Update billing dates and periods to suit the customer’s schedule

Similar to the banking module, the insurance module supports premium due date and overdue reminders and telephonic collection of premiums.


  • Remind customers of the premium amount and due dates
  • Remind and request customers to pay in case of overdue
  • Authorize transactions and collect payments directly on call
  • Inform customers about associated terms in case of non-payment and delay – penalties and lapse of the policy.


Improve you recovery rates at a fraction of your current costs

Up to


Savings on Support Costs


Reduction in Manual Support

Higher Recovery Rates

A simple payment reminder before the due date can help your customers to arrange the funds on time, thus improving your recovery rates.

Improve Efficiency

Agara autonomously gathers data from third-party payment systems and initiate multiple calls simultaneously so that you are not limited by capacity or bandwidth.

Boost Agent Experience

Utilize your human agent's time more productively by allowing them to focus on more complex calls that require human intelligence and empathy.

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