Fast Claim Filing & Self-serve Claims Tracking

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Why Agara

Claim filing and following-up is already an emotional exercise, it shouldn't be exhausting and time-intensive. Here's how Agara makes it seamless.

Zero Wait Experience

With Agara all your FNOL calls are answered in the first ring, so your customers don’t have to wait in a queue to get their claim submission process started.

Empathetic & Situational

Agara adjusts its tone and prosody based on the flow of the call and its’ overall context. It also does enough small talks to make your customers feel at ease.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Agara is trained with proprietory insurance data for accurate intent detection. This ensures seamless conversations and information capture for your underwriters.

Watch in Action

A simple demonstration showing how your customers can file their First Notice of Loss. Watch the video to notice how Agara empathizes with the caller and records all the required information to process the claim.

Use Cases

Agara's AI-powered insurance virtual agent comes with the below use cases, straight out-of-the-box

Allow your customers to submit their claim requests instantly, any time of the day


  • Autonomous FNOL information gathering
  • Schedule callback from human agents

Let your customers check the status of their existing claims instantly without any hassle


  • Check the coverage amount to be sanctioned
  • Query the tentative settlement time and date

Agara's AI-powered Insurance agent is perfect for all routine queries about policy information


  • Query details like the premium amount, the total coverage amount, and the coverage period.
  • Proactively update customers about any changes in their ongoing policy and its associated T&Cs.


Deliver exceptional customer service and improve operational efficiency

Up to


Savings on Operational Costs


Reduction in Manual Support

Increase CSAT Scores

Delight your customers with a zero wait support experience 24X7, 365 days. Follow it up by providing quick and instant resolution to their queries.

Improve Efficiency

Improve call deflection rates, reduce manual overheads, and agent training costs to make your overall operations faster and more efficient.

Optimize Agent Time

Free up your support team's time to focus on queries that require human intelligence and empathy, while AI takes care of the routine queries.

Start optimizing your voice support today

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