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Eliminate misrouted calls and reduce hold times with the 1-step IVR and callback scheduling

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US customers term the current IVR experience as very poor

Source: 2019 Vonage IVR Survey


By 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service customer interactions

Source: The Future of the Contact Center, Gartner 2019

Agara's Conversational IVR system turns traditional processes on their head by putting the customer first. Instead of expecting the customer to listen to and choose from interminable options, it applies cutting-edge machine learning to understand and redirect them automatically.


Reduction in internal call redirections


Reduction in agent AHT with upfront data collection


Reduction in manual call volumes with end to end resolutions

Use natural language. Not a flowchart.

Your customers can state in plain English what they need assistance with. Agara will automatically route them to the right desk or try and resolve the query all by itself. It can even ask for clarification in case the customer is not sufficiently clear.

Make wait time productive.

Agent availability is an issue and the time customers spend waiting is just dead air. Use the wait time to collect data and information relevant to the customer's query and pass it to the agent before they get connected. Everyone wins!

Instantly resolve common queries

Don't make your customers wait for routine queries. Agara can deal with these end-to-end (including sending emails or text messages) without involving an agent. Save your agents for more complex interactions.
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Built for the modern enterprise.

Agara works for enterprises of all sizes with its flexible but secure setup. You spend time delighting your customers, not worry about your tech setup.

Unlimited Scale

Agara expands and contracts as your call volume fluctuates ensuring you never miss a call.

Strong data security

Your data is encrypted with enterprise-grade AES-256 protocol in transit and at rest.

Protects your data

Strictly limit the duration and extent of your data exposure. Plus, Agara does not store anything - keep all your data in your current CRM.

Works with any telephony setup

We use the SIP protocol to connect with your existing telephony setup which is standard across all such systems. No matter what you use now, you can use Agara.

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