Real-time Voice AI

An inside view into the technology that makes it possible to have natural, seamless, and intelligent human-machine voice conversations

Future of Human-to-Machine Conversations

Our mission is to enable autonomous conversations that don't feel automated. That’s why we have spent years of applied research in machine learning and deep neural networks to build our patented AI technology that can deliver human-like experiences on every possible voice channel.

End-to-end Automation

The technology is designed to handle the complete customer support workflow from the point of registering the query, troubleshooting and resolving it to carrying out necessary fulfilment like processing refunds, updating order details, etc.

Domain Trained

Unlike generic AI solutions, our entire AI technology stack is purpose built for specific industries by training the underlying ML models with 10Mn+ specific data points to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Natural Conversations

Our AI-powered virtual agents communicate in real-time, can understand and respond to complex multi-turn conversations and adapts to a customer’s tone and sentiment just like your best trained agents.

Four lobes of Agara’s 'AI-brain'

Agara’s AI-brain, similar to the human brain, has four lobes, one each for Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Conversations Module and Text-to-Speech that comes together to power our advanced Voice AI technology.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Agara’s ASR can detect your customer’s speech even in non-ideal scenarios, so that accuracy doesn’t suffer whether your customers are calling from a noisy background or have a regional accent.

  • Proprietary narrow speech recognition system that ensures 100% accuracy even in noisy environments.
  • ASR trained specifically on an 8Khz mobile phone mic, capable of canceling channel noise.
  • Error correction system trained with historic data that acts as an additional proofreading layer to reduce false positives.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Agara’s NLU engine is pre-trained using industry-specific datasets to accurately identify the intent (what the user wants), entities (name of the product, date/destination of travel, etc.), and the tone & sentiment from a user’s speech. 

  • Trained with proprietary data collected for specific use cases for higher levels of accuracy.
  • Patented model architecture and training methodology to ensure minimal latency while doing predictions.
  • Carries over the context throughout the call, to understand the critical nuances and differentiate between similar entities like understanding if the consumer is talking about booking date, cancellation date, or rescheduling date.

Conversations Module

Agara’s conversations module is built specifically for Voice conversations and hence takes into purview the complexities of it. It is therefore capable of having deeper multi-turn conversations, adapts to the speaker’s change in context, and most importantly converse naturally and not based on scripts. 

  • Patented response generation module based on our public state-of-the-art ‘text style transfer’ technique, which ensures the system always comes up with the most contextual and natural responses.
  • The conversational flow module adapts the responses to the customer’s speech, switches in context and intonation as and when required.

Text-to-Speech System (TTS)

Agara’s TTS is built specifically for business-to-customer communication and to ensure that it doesn’t sound robotic, it is trained using real calls to mimic the speaking style of an actual customer support agent. 

  • Adapts its prosody based on your customer’s sentiment and nature of the query, so that the tone in which it speaks to an irate customer is different from the tone it takes for a customer calling to thank your brand.
  • Ensures minimum latency with parallel generation of speech.

The most comprehensive AI offering

Unparalleled Accuracy

The system is designed to ensure accuracy at every step which brings the overall accuracy to a human-like level, allowing you to automate even complex queries with self-service.

Fully Automated

Agara does not just respond to a customer’s query; in parallel, it also takes notes, makes entries into your CRM, processes refunds, so essentially does everything that a human agent would do.

Continuous Learning

Our AI is continuously learning through our deep neural networks that create a feedback loop in real-time, making the system smarter as it handles more conversations.

Designed to Scale

Our system is designed with the needs of enterprises in mind, so it can handle multiple calls simultaneously, manage 1000s of intents, and dynamically create responses with minimal latency.

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