Agara: The Future of
Human-to-Machine Conversations

Explore the science behind Agara's Voice AI

We bring life into autonomous conversations

by making machines understand, interact, and learn better. Our patented AI technology
enables businesses to deliver human-like experiences over voice.

Contextual understanding

Our AI-powered voicebot communicates in real-time, understands, and responds to complex, multi-turn conversations. It adapts to a customer’s tone and sentiment, akin to the best-trained agent.

Human-like interactions

Our Voice AI technology is built by humans for humans. Agara understands pauses, interruptions, repetitions, fillers, and all other conversational nuances.

Continuous learning

Our AI is continuously learning through our deep neural networks that create a feedback loop in real-time, making the system smarter as it handles more conversations.

Four lobes of Agara’s 'AI brain'

Similar to the human brain, Agara’s AI brain has four lobes, one each for Speech Recognition,
Natural Language Understanding, Conversations Module, and Text-to-Speech that
come together to power our advanced Voice AI technology.

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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Agara’s advanced ASR is the first of its kind, formulated as a blend of:
1. Public ASR
2. Custom-trained ASR, and
3. Proprietary SLU

It has been trained on 30,000+ hours of historic call recordings for the most optimal, context-specific speech recognition, adding a proofreading layer to reduce false positives. The ASR is delivered on a GPU-based infrastructure to ensure low latency operations and trained with historic data that acts as an additional proofreading layer to reduce false positives.

In parallel to the ASRs, Agara uses proprietary SLU (Spoken Language Understanding) to capture specific entities and intent from the caller’s speech, working robustly against accents and noises.

Proprietary NLU engine

Agara’s NLU engine is pre-trained using industry-specific datasets to accurately identify the intent (what the user wants), entities (name of the product, order id, etc.), and the tone and sentiment from a caller’s speech.

  • Trained with proprietary data collected for specific use cases for higher levels of accuracy.
    *Patented model architecture and training methodology to ensure minimal latency while doing predictions.
  • Carries over the context throughout the call, to understand the critical nuances and differentiate between similar entities like understanding if the consumer is talking about a previous order id or a new order id.

Conversations Module

Agara’s conversations module is built specifically for Voice conversations and hence takes into purview the complexities of it. It is therefore capable of having deeper multi-turn conversations, adapts to the speaker’s change in context, and most importantly converse naturally and not based on scripts.

  • Patented response generation module based on our public state-of-the-art ‘text style transfer’ technique, which ensures the system always comes up with the most contextual and natural responses.
  • The conversational flow module adapts the responses to the customer’s speech, switches in context and intonation as and when required.


Agara uses customized versions of publicly available text-to-speech services to deliver responses naturally. It is trained using real calls to mimic the speaking style of an actual customer support agent.

  • Adapts its prosody based on your customer’s sentiment and nature of the query, so that the tone in which it speaks to an irate customer is different from the tone it takes for a customer calling to thank your brand.
  • Ensures minimum latency with parallel generation of speech.

What sets Agara apart

Pure voice focus

Agara is built specifically for voice and focuses on eliminating digressions to generate the best conversational experience over voice. Our voice technology is focused on enhancing the spoken language understanding of machines by observing distinct speech intricacies — colloquial language, accents, fillers, noise, pitch, tone, etc., which is often different from the written text.

High accuracy in speech recognition

Agara's advanced ASR performs 5% better than publicly available speech recognition systems. The SLU modules work robustly on accents, intonations, background noises, and phone connection issues, offering 90% accuracy in entity detection.

Conversational flexibility

Agara comes with pre-built conversation blocks that are designed to handle edge cases, error scenarios, clarifications, and other common conversational behaviors, eliminating human errors and making for better interactions.

No code workflow building

Agara’s workflow builder is a no-code platform and does not require any technical know-how at all. Business users can drag and drop familiar conversational blocks (like get order ID, validate users, etc.) into a logical framework to create workflows.

Integrates with almost everything

Built with a cloud-first approach, Agara seamlessly integrates with a variety of enterprise systems, leveraging REST APIs. It serves as an intelligent layer on top of the existing technology stack — telephony, CRM, order management, and transactional systems.

Security and compliance

Agara is built in a fully secure private cloud environment as a closed-loop system and only allows connections from trusted endpoints, reducing any possibility of unwanted intrusions.
*Encrypts data at rest and in transit
*Does not expose customer data at any stage
*Full GDPR compliance

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