Deliver enriched
customer experiences

Get a conversational AI platform (CAIP) that resolves queries instantly, feels more human-like, makes customer experience personalized, and drives higher ROI

The conversational AI magic

Conversational AI frees up your staff from routine tier-1 phone support requests so they can focus on more complex tasks.
What else does conversational AI offer?


Reduction in
live agents calls


Operational cost

<3 min

Average call
handle time


Contact center

Key capabilities

Automate high-volume
inbound calls

Execute autonomous
outbound calls

Route calls through
conversational IVR

Agara's voice-first approach

Achieve 95% accuracy in speech recognition

Agara’s advanced ASR is the first of its kind, more accurate than public ASR systems like Google. It is formulated as a blend of Public ASR, Custom-trained ASR, and Proprietary SLU, enabling Agara to performs 5% better than publicly available speech recognition systems like Google. 

The SLU modules work robustly on accents, intonations, background noises, and phone connection issues, offering 90% accuracy in entity detection.

Faster workflows, flexible conversations

Agara’s conversations module is capable of having deeper multi-turn conversations, adapting to the speaker’s change in context, and most importantly conversing naturally and not based on scripts.

Agara’s pre-built conversation blocks are designed to handle edge cases, error scenarios, clarifications, and other common conversational behaviors, eliminating human errors and making for better interactions.

No code - simply drag, drop and get going

Agara’s workflow builder is a no-code platform and does not require any technical know-how. You can simply drag and drop familiar conversational blocks (like get order ID, validate users, etc.) into a logical framework to create workflows in seconds!

Security and compliance

Agara is built in a fully secure private cloud environment as a closed-loop system and only allows connections from trusted endpoints, reducing any possibility of unwanted intrusions.

  • Encrypts data at rest and in transit
  • Does not expose customer data at any stage
  • Full GDPR compliance

Faster payback, higher ROI

4 weeks

Implementation time

<90 days

Payback period for
early ROI


Call resolution

The Agara difference

Contextual understanding

Agara’s conversational voice AI bot communicates in real-time, understands, and responds to complex, multi-turn conversations. It adapts to a customer’s tone and sentiment, akin to the best-trained agent.

Human-like interactions

Our Conversational Voice AI platform is built by humans for humans. Agara understands pauses, interruptions, repetitions, fillers, and all other conversational nuances.

Continuous learning

Agara continuously learns through our deep neural networks that create a feedback loop in real-time, making the system smarter as it handles more conversations.

Integrates with almost everything

We use the SIP protocol to connect with your existing telephony setup which is standard across all such systems.
No matter what you use now, you can use Agara. Get up and running with Agara immediately.

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