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Grow your ecommerce
business with AI-powered
voice conversations

The cognitive voicebot to engage shoppers through human-like conversations, simplify buyers' journey, and grow sales exponentially

  • No hardware
  • No coding
  • Plug-n-play and get started in minutes

Delight customers across the buying
cycle with Voice AI

Sell More

24x7 Support

Re-engage & Retain

Sell More

Engage your visitors in real-time conversations

The only obstacle between you and a sale is a visitor’s inability to easily find what they want and make a purchase.

Engage them in one-on-one voice conversations with the click of a button and help them with search and discoverability, product availability, and return and cancellation policies. Make buying more enjoyable and frictionless; give store visitors the answers they need in seconds, at the exact moment they want it, 24/7!

Bonus: Schedule callbacks and appointments at shopper’s convenience

24x7 Support

‘Always-on’, hassle-free voice support

Let voicebot be your shoppers’ friendly store assistant that instantly resolves order tracking, returns, cancellations, and other post-purchase requests. Go beyond email and chat and enable real-time, two-way communication, when it’s most convenient for them!

Never leave your shoppers without an answer, even during off-duty hours, rush periods, or staff shortages — without compromising on customer experience.

Re-engage & Retain

Give your shoppers a reason to come back and shop more

Proactively call your shoppers and entice them with discounts and rewards.

You can also automate recovery calls and reengage shoppers to checkout abandoned cart items. Win them back, and watch your sales go through the roof!

Bonus: Wish them on holidays and special occasions with personalized offers.

New, better ways of customer engagement.
Experience the difference

Order Status + Cancellation

Enable shoppers to track & cancel their orders on call

Shipping + Delivery

Provide shoppers relevant details in real-time

Order Tracking

Help shoppers track the status of the order

Loyalty card replacement

Address loyalty card issues instantly

Discounts & Rewards

Give your shoppers a reason to come back and shop more

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know coding to build a voicebot?

Not at all. We offer ready-to-use, plug-and-play voicebot. You just need to install the widget on your webstore in a few simple clicks. And your AI-powered voicebot gets activated and starts answering customer calls right away.

How do I add voicebot to my webstore or Shopify store?

You don’t need any coding or technical knowhow to add a voicebot to your webstore. In fact, the whole configuration just takes a few minutes.

  • Sign up for a voicebot First off, create a free account by clicking on Get Started or Get your free voicebot button. You can sign up using your email.Clicking on the Shopify button will redirect you to Agara’s app page on the Shopify platform. You can also directly go to the Shopify marketplace and install the app from there.
  • Customize the voicebot widget Customize the widget color to match your brand look and feel. In the next step, specify your business details. Choose the kind of queries you will like the bot to handle — customer engagement, customer service, or both.
  • Add the voicebot into your webstore As the last step, confirm all the details, add the bot to your webstore, and you are good to get started.

What kind of shopper queries can the voicebot handle?

The voicebot is pre-trained to handle all

1. Customer engagement

2. Customer service queries

While setting up the voicebot for your store, you can choose either or both.

Customer engagement queries include product discoverability, product availability, shipping policies, payment modes etc. The voicebot engages website visitors in one-on-one conversations and gives them the answers they need at the exact moment they need it.

Customer support queries include post-purchase requests like order tracking, order cancellations, refund status etc.

How will I be charged?

You will be charged only for complete calls. Failed calls and unresolved calls will be excluded.

What happens after I hit the call limit?

After you hit the call limit, the call widget will be disabled from the store. At any point of time, you can upgrade the plan, get more calls added, and activate the widget.

Can the voicebot be customized?

Yes, the voicebot can be customized easily. You can change the dialogs to meet your unique business needs. You can also change the flow of the conversation or create a bot from scratch using easy-to-use, intuitive drag-and-drop builder. And this does not require any coding or technical assistance!

Does the voicebot require any kind of training?

Absolutely not. The AI-powered voicebot is continuously learning through deep neural networks that create a feedback loop in real-time, making the system smarter as it handles more conversations.

Let voicebots work 24/7 while you focus on growing your business

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