AI-Powered Customer Support Automation

Automate and speed up your phone and email customer support. Empower your support agents with the power of artificial intelligence.

Autonomous Case Handling

Process simple queries over phone and email without any agent involvement. Provide 24x7 support without the overhead.

Virtual Assistant for Agents

Provide real-time guidance to agents as they handle individual cases. Give your customers the same high-quality experience irrespective of agent's capabilities.

Automates Routine Actions

Remove routine, non-value added activities from your agents' purview so they focus more on the customer. Watch as your C-SAT scores grow.

Instant Response Generation

In the age of social media, a high-quality response makes all the difference. Agara instantly generates a personalized response for each query so you get quality with speed.

Instant Knowledge Suggestions

Enterprise knowledgebases are large and often unwieldly. Agara suggests and pre-fetches the right knowledge in real-time so agents don't have to struggle.

Turn-by-turn Dialog Suggestions

Phone support conversations often proceed in a meandering way. Agara's turn by turn dialog guidance ensures that agents can follow along without losing any important information.

Channel: Phone

24x7, instant, fully autonomous human-like phone support

Most customer queries are fairly straightforward. Instead of asking them to call back later, let Agara answer them. Agara can instantly determine the nature of the customer’s query and respond with a personalized resolution.

Specify Query Types

You have full control over what kind of queries can be answered autonomously. Never expose a customer to an untoward response.

Human-like Voice

Our proprietary text-to-speech system is incredibly life-like and brings the same warmth to conversations that your best agents do.

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Channel: Phone

AI-powered live assistance for phone support agents

Support calls can get frustrating if agents are not aware what information to seek or if your systems are slow or complex. Agara instantly suggests the right information – wherever it may be – to the agent at every turn to eliminate this key inefficiency.

Advanced Speech Recognition

We have developed proprietary language models to improve the quality of speech recognition leading to highly accurate results.

Multi-Language Support

Agara already supports English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Talk to us to get a localized solution.

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Channel: Email

AI-powered virtual assistant for email support agents

Process email support queries faster and with higher accuracy without losing the person touch of your agents. Agara pre-processes all queries instantly so your agents don’t waste time on unproductive actions.

Pre-generated Personalized Responses

Agara instantly generates a personalized response for each query. Agents save a ton of time and customers never have to get a templated response.

Automate Routine Tasks

Agara undertakes actions like case coding and case summary generation in the background so agents can focus more on the conversation.

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Technology: Deep Learning

"AI and its offshoot, machine learning, will be a foundational tool for creating social good as well as business success."

— Mark Hurd, ex-CEO of Oracle

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Learn how Real-time Voice AI can help you

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