Agara’s Autonomous Voice Journey for a Leading Airline to Streamline Customer Care

How Did Agara Help a Leading Airline to Traverse the Autonomous Voice Journey

A leading Airline was facing massive challenges with the volume of calls being received in its contact center — specifically for flight cancellations or modifications.

The airline looked for a scalable, flexible, and future-proof self-service solution that could efficiently handle unexpected swings in support requests and could be deployed easily.

Phone being the dominant channel for communication, the airline realized the need to provide resolution to customers over voice in a self-service mode.

The Solution

As part of innovation efforts at the Airline, Agara was identified as a solution partner to potentially address the need with a Voice-based AI solution.

Given the problem at hand, Agara applied its tried-and-tested implementation approach and built a solution that could resolve customer issues end-to-end, akin to best human agents.

✅  End-to-end handling of calls that clog up the pipeline

✅  Resolve queries autonomously using natural conversation

✅  Seamless handoff to agents for sensitive issues

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Agara's Potential Impact on Airline Business


Reduction in operational cost


Routine tasks automated


Reduction in AHT

Almost all global airlines deal with some of the highest volumes of incoming customer queries. Agara’s autonomous voice AI solution helps airlines deal with peaks and rationalize costs by reducing the volume of calls handled by human agents, with zero compromises on customer service experience.

In this case study, you’ll find how Agara’s Voice AI technology streamlines customer care and transforms customer experiences.

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