Service Description

  1. General Service Description
    This document gives a high-level description of the products being made available by the Company. For the specific license entitlements you have subscribed to, please refer to the Service Order. The legal terms of the licensing would be executed through a Software Licensing Agreement or POC Agreement executed between the Company and the Client.
    For a more detailed operational description of how Agara works, please refer to the user guides, the terms of which remain separate from this document is provided separately.
  2. Agara: Autonomous Real-time AI-powered Voice Agent
    Agara is an autonomous voice conversation platform powered by Real-time Voice AI. It allows the Client to have voice conversations with their customers, vendors, partners or other counterparties without involving a human agent. It can hold long-form conversations, help navigate complex interactions and resolve customer queries.
  3. Components
    1. Subscription Components
      1. Base AI Subscription
        1. This capability is designed to respond autonomously to phone calls while completing multiple tasks in the background. It comprises of the following sub-modules :
          1. Autonomous voice response to phone calls
          2. SDKs and toolkits for integration into other platforms, where available
          3. Case creation and management
          4. Case coding and triaging
          5. Issue classification and identification
          6. Automatic fetching of data from Client IT systems
          7. Automatic capture of data from customer voice input
          8. Automatic SMS and email triggers with contextual information
          9. Automatic Speech Recognition
            1. Agara may offer this capability in partnership with select 3rd parties
          10. Language Models
          11. Natural Language Understanding / Processing
          12. Dialog Manager
          13. Rule Engines
          14. Text to Speech
            1. Agara may offer this capability in partnership with select 3rd parties
      2. Base Software Subscription
        1. Workflow Management
        2. Analytics/Dashboards
        3. User Management
        4. Usage Monitoring
        5. Billing Management
      3. Agara is currently offered in English language only
    2. Infrastructure
      1. Agara is hosted on and delivered via cloud computing infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services
      2. Client will be provided with controlled access via username/password to Agara to access their data and account
      3. All systems will be fully owned and managed by Company for appropriate load handling, backups and redundancy
    3. Integration with Client Systems
      1. In order to operate effectively, Agara may need to be integrated with specific IT systems owned and operated by the client
      2. All integrations are enabled via standardized APIs. Non-standard setups may be provided by Company will be governed by a separate agreement as part of the licensing process
      3. The typical systems that are integrated with Agara include, but not limited to:
        1. CRM systems
        2. Telephony systems
        3. Case Management tools
        4. Email gateway
        5. SMS Gateway
        6. Order Management Systems
        7. ERP systems
        8. viii.GDS
    4. Charges
      1. Implementation Charges
        1. Company may charge fees to integrate Agara into Client IT systems
        2. These charges would be determined based on the systems being considered and complexity of integration
        3. These charges would be governed by a separate agreement as part of the licensing process
      2. Workflow Charges
        1. Company may charge fees for setting up workflows on behalf of the Client. These fees will be levied per workflow
        2. These charges would be governed by a separate agreement as part of the licensing process
      3. Usage Charges
        1. Company will license Agara based on total number of minutes of calls processed during the year
    5. Peak Concurrent Capacity (PCC)
      1. This refers to the maximum number of parallel calls that can be in active state at a given time
      2. The PCC bundled with the Base Software Subscription is 500
      3. Additional Burst Capacity can be provisioned for limited periods or Peak Concurrent Capacity can be permanently increase based on Client request. There may be charges applicable for both changes
    6. Training Data
      1. Company may request for data related to its services from the client to strengthen and contextualize the services (Training Data)
      2. The data types that may be requested include the following:
        1. Historical call recordings and transcripts of conversations between contact centre agents and its customers
        2. Relevant metadata stored in IT systems including CRM, order management systems, knowledge systems and others
      3. Company will utilize the data for various product development and AI training purposes only
      4. Company may share the data with select third parties as specified below, to undertake specific tasks like speech transcriptions and annotation 
      5. Any training data received from the client will be stored in Company’s cloud infrastructure where access will be limited and controlled to employees who have a need to view or handle the data
    7. Agara Generated Data
      1. During the course of operations, Agara will process queries from end customers and other counterparties. There will be two kinds of data generated during this process
      2. Case Data
        1. This includes data pertaining to the customer / counterparty, emails, call recordings, call transcripts and information fetched from client IT systems
        2. If the Client has chosen to transfer Case Data to its systems, Agara will immediately send Case Data back to client’s IT systems at appropriate intervals using its integrations with client Systems. Upon writing Case Data, Company will purge all such data from its own systems permanently
        3. If the Client has chosen to retain the Case Data in Agara, the information will be stored in perpetuity unless otherwise specified in Transaction Documents
        4. Agara will provide an on-demand option to export all Case Data available with it at all times to the Client
      3. AI Performance Data
        1. While handling a specific interaction, Agara would generate additional data related to predictions made by its AI modules, actions undertaken by its IT systems and system / application logs
        2. Agara will maintain this data in perpetuity
    8. Third Party Services
      1. Company may utilize services from select third parties from time to time. Any third party utilized by Company will be bound by substantially similar confidentiality terms as agreed upon by Company with the Client
      2. The third parties currently in use by Agara are:
        1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
        2. Google Cloud Platform
        4. Amazon Mechanical Turk
        5. Flitto, Inc.
        6. DeepGram
        7. Several individual contributors to create specific voice assets
      3. Company may add new third parties to this list at any time