Virtual Voice Agent

Respond to and resolve routine queries instantly
without involving your valuable agents

Over 40% of all calls are routine, repetitive and do not require cognitive inputs from a human agent

Agara's virtual voice agent can handle almost half of all your calls - think routine, repetitive calls that
clog up your pipeline. It can handle them end-to-end intelligently without requiring an agent to step in.

Augment your business with a Virtual Voice Agent.
Here's Why?

End-to-end call handling

Why send customers to another channel when they chose to reach out over the phone? Agara does not deflect calls. It resolves them instantly and eliminates the need for creating additional tickets of other channels.

Agara is especially great for…

  • Time-sensitive calls
  • B2B / vendor conversations
  • Troubleshooting requests
  • Elderly customers
  • Busy parents

Natural conversations

Agara is not a Q&A bot. Customers can talk to it in their own style, speed, and accent and still have a great conversation. It even accounts for their sentiment when deciding on ways to respond.

You can ask Agara to …

  • Repeat something
  • Hold the line while you get something
  • Correct something it got wrong
  • Understand a long name alphabet by alphabet
  • Disregard what you said

Infinitely customizable

You can customize Agara to suit your exact requirements and brand standards. Changes apply within seconds and you can make changes as many times as you like.

Aspects you can customize …

  • Name of the bot
  • Male vs female voice
  • Accent type (American, British, Australian, and more)
  • Talking speed
  • When is it allowed to transfer calls
  • Working hours
  • Bot’s dialog throughout the conversation

Live transfer to agents

Combining its proprietary sentiment AI and your business rules, Agara ensures every call is handled in the best possible way. It cooperates with your agents and brings them into the call when it is most suitable. Plus, it shares everything it has collected so far so agents can take off right where it leaves.

Agara can transfer calls when …

  • Business rules specify a transfer
  • Sentiment drops below a customizable threshold
  • It is unable to understand customer’s input
  • The customer asks to speak to an agent

Use data from CRMs

Agara works best when combined with your data sources. It can authenticate users based on their inputs, provide them the latest statuses, inform them of applicable policies, search for alternate tickets, create support tickets, and much more.

Agara works great with …

  • CRM systems (Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.)
  • Telephony systems (Genesys, Nice, Amazon Connect, etc.)
  • ERP systems
  • Upload / download data via CSVs

Rich call analytics

Get a never-before view into your calls. Get the raw picture untouched by human bias. See what words customers use to describe your product/service. Cluster, group, and slice data to under new patterns. Create a full picture of the customer for targeted offerings.

Agara can provide insights into …

  • In-depth reasons why customers call
  • Parts of the call handling process that cause dissatisfaction
  • Time-sensitivity of calls based on sentiment
  • Typical words or phrases used by customers
  • Competitor mentions
  • Potential legal complications

Increase efficiency and intelligently resolve
every customer query


Reduction in
live agent call


Operational cost


Average call
handle time


center capacity

Agara is the result of multiple advances in
AI technology crafted in our R&D lab

Explore the technology

Create & Modify Call Workflows in Minutes

Creating a new call workflow is incredibly easy. No data sharing. No model training. No code writing. No lead time.
Use pre-built conversation blocks available in the platform to put together even the most complex workflows within
minutes. The simple to use platform ensures anyone can create the workflows - no coding experience is needed.

Get personal details

Name, Age, Email address,
Phone number, Address
and more

Get date & time

Date of birth, Travel date, Renewal date, Payment date, Invoice date, Order delivery date and more

Choose from options

Make a choice between delivery dates, payment methods, flight options, IVR choices, authentication mechanisms and more

Database checks

API-based calls to check order details, confirm user credentials, update account information, create tickets and more

Get & confirm ID Details

Driver's license number, SSN, passport number, policy/claim number, bank account number, and more in the correct format

User authentication

Authenticate based on personal information and ID details covered in other blocks. Can work with biometric authentication systems

Provide information

Recite details of current order status, return policies, troubleshooting steps, ticket charges, and more descriptive information

Check for more help

At the end of the call, check with the customer if they need other assistance. Never leave them hanging

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