Conversational AI for Airlines

Delight your customer with superior support

Airlines customer support is complex and increasingly difficult with factors outside your control. Agara automates even the most complex queries using real-time voice AI leading to millions of happier and loyal customers.

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Reduction in operational cost


Routine tasks automated


Reduction in average call handling time

Agara can automate customer communication across multiple touchpoints

Bookings & Reservations

Managing flight reservations is fast, easy and conversational - as your customers just need to tell what they want and Agara's booking assistant does the rest.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

AI-powered voicebots can also handle cancellation and rescheduling requests of customers, like your best trained human agents.

Flight Updates

Unforeseen situations like bad weather etc. cause sudden spikes in support volumes. In such cases voicebots can provide real-time flight status updates, estimated departure & arrival times, making life easier for travelers and freeing up your helpdesk for more complex queries.

24X7 Personalized Service

Agara Voice AI can handle special service requests during booking like meal preferences, wheelchair requests etc. At the same time it provides faster and accurate responses to routine queries like baggage allowance, loyalty programs and more.

Agara can add tremendous value to your business

The airline business deals with some of the highest volumes of incoming customer queries. That’s why AI, combined with human intelligence, can take customer service for airline brands to places that haven’t been possible before. AI-powered customer self-service gives airline brands the ability to compel loyalty while being cost-efficient.

24X7, 365 Days Availability

Enhanced Customer Experience

Handle Unforeseen spikes in support volumes effortlessly

Instant Response to 100% queries

Full Automation of Routine Tasks

Improved Agent Experience & Productivity

Why Agara

  • Deep Learning Model trained with 10 Mn+ customer support specific data points
  • Proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems
  • Agara can converse and resolve customer queries like a highly trained human agent
  • Agara also works in partnership with human agents and offers contextual suggestions so that they can have conversations without breaks
  • The most advanced real-time Voice AI for airlines that provides highly personalised responses over text and voice

Benefits, Use-Cases and the To-Do’s of adopting an AI-first approach for Airlines Customer Support

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Featured Case Study

How P&G uses Agara’s Real-time Voice AI to improve customer query handling efficieny by 30%

60+ brands worldwide are using Agara

"Agara's partnership has been strategic, where Augmented Intelligence gifts our advisors with superpowers allowing them to build trusted customer relationships at scale."

Rosa Maria Cruz, Associate Director - Global Business Services - P&G

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