Self-serve phone support for Airlines

The cognitive voicebot to delight travelers with exceptional conversational experience, offer 24X7 personalized support, and reduce operational costs significantly

Metrics from Agara customers


Reduction in
operational cost


Routine tasks


Reduction in average
handle time

Delight travelers with AI-powered
voice conversations

  • Bookings & Reservations
    Managing flight reservations is fast, easy and conversational - as your customers just need to tell what they want and Agara's booking assistant does the rest.
  • Cancellations & Rescheduling
    AI-powered voicebot also handles cancellation and rescheduling requests of customers, like your best trained human agents.
  • Flight Updates
    Agara’s voicebot provides real-time flight status updates, estimated departure & arrival times, making life easier for travelers and freeing up your helpdesk for more complex queries.
  • 24X7 Personalized Services
    Agara’s Voice AI handles special service requests like meal preferences, wheelchair access etc. It also provides accurate responses to routine queries like baggage allowance, loyalty programs, and more.

Transform your CX with Voice AI

Agara's Voice AI platform enables you to design engaging conversational experiences,
deploy voicebots in no time, and accelerate time-to-value.

24X7, 365 days

Enhanced customer

Handle unforeseen
volume spikes

Instant response to
100% queries

Full automation of
routine tasks

Improved agent experience
and productivity

Why choose Agara?

- Deep Learning Model trained with 10 Mn+ customer support conversations

- Proprietary NLU, TTS, and ASR systems

- Converses and resolves customer queries like a highly trained human agent

- Works in partnership with human agents and offers contextual suggestions

- Provides highly personalized responses over text and voice

- Real-time customer insights to understand traveler behavior and preferences