Conversational Voice AI for Banking

Why Agara

Our patented Voice AI technology is trusted by leading insurers for its' ability to deliver the highest self-service rates and customer experience scores. Here's how.

Natural & Conversational

Unlike rule-based systems where customers need to stick to scripts and speak specific phrases, Agara adapts to your customer’s speech and allows him to convey himself naturally.

Multi-turn Conversations

Agara is unique in its ability to track multiple intents while engaging in complex, multi-turn conversations and then bringing it all together to create human-like conversations.

Domain Trained

Agara is pre-trained to understand banking vocabulary and comes with out-of-the-box use cases so that you can start testing and measuring impact immediately.

Patented Training Methodology

Our training methodology is architected to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and also to ensure quick customization and deployment of new use cases.

Watch in Action

A simple demonstration showing how virtual agents can handle your customer's account-related requests. Notice the authentication and fulfillment part - this is what sets us apart.

Use Cases

Agara's banking virtual agent comes with the following ready to implement pre-configured use cases

Allow your customers to self-serve for simple account management tasks and save both agent's and customer's time


  • Check balance
  • Search for specific transactions based on various conditions
  • Update profile information and change password
  • Check the status of pending service requests

Similar to managing one's bank account, customers can also manage their credit or debit card account with help from virtual agents.


  • Report card loss or theft
  • Request & activate new card
  • Generate Credit/Debit card pin
  • Check overall card spends and available limits

Allow your users to instantly report frauds and unauthorized transactions in their bank accounts round the clock so that they have their peace of mind


  • Instantly register reports of fraudulent and unauthorized transactions
  • Autonomously executes downstream actions like blocking card
  • Educate users on best practices to avoid frauds

Virtual agents built using Agara can handle generic customer queries requesting information about the whole gamut of banking services


  • Query information about banking products and their associated terms and conditions
  • Find the location to the nearest branch or ATM
  • Allow customers to find products personalized to their needs
  • Browse promotions and offers

Make outbound calls to your customers and remind them of payment due dates and overdue balances to improve recovery rates


  • Inform customers about upcoming payment due date
  • Negotiate payment arrangements to help customers to settle their overdue balance


Deliver exceptional customer service and improve operational efficiency

Up to


Savings on Support Costs


Reduction in Manual Support

Increase CSAT Scores

Provide personalized and immediate support with shorter average handling times, thus turning every interaction into an opportunity to delight.

Improve Efficiency

Improve call deflection rates, reduce manual overheads, and agent training costs to make your overall operations faster and more efficient.

Boost Agent Experience

Free human agents to focus on more complex queries and help them resolve queries faster by providing real-time step-by-step guidance.

Start optimizing your voice support today

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