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Over 60 leading global consumer brands have used Agara to improve their customer satisfaction metrics by 5%-10%. Capturing the voice of the consumer has helped them improve the support experience both within and outside their organizations

What can you do with Agara?

Automate simple queries

Over 50% of the queries in your call center on a given day refer to enquiries relating to availability, store information, coupons, ingredients, and other simple topics. However, your agents spend the same amount on these as they do on adverse event queries.

Agara identifies simple queries right when they are submitted, processes it instantly and automatically responds to the customer with an accurate and personalized response. Customers get responses faster and agents can now focus on queries that really matter.

50%+ Cost savings by automatically responding to queries instead of passing them through agents.

Automate repetitive actions

An agent spends over 60% of their day entering product details, issue details, case summaries and tasks into the CRM. None of these actions have any impact on C-SAT and agents often make mistakes due to the mundane nature of these tasks.

Agara automatically pre-completes these actions even before an agent opens a case. They focus on the customer’s problems and the best way to resolve them and no longer spend precious minutes ensuring the CRM has been updated.

12 Tasks that agents have to complete per case irrespective of the seriousness of the query.

Auto-generated responses

Responding to a customer is an art. Not only does it take time to write a personalized response, but it can also often make or break the C-SAT ratings. Templates and canned responses just don’t cut it anymore.

Agara generates a personalized email response for each customer based on their specific questions. These emails are ready to be sent as-is but agents can always choose to further personalize it for even greater impact.

3 mins Time saved per case by not creating a response from scratch.

Adverse event identification

Accurately identifying and resolving critical complaints and adverse events related queries can save millions in legal costs later. Agents can sometimes miss the signals.

Agara automatically checks every customer query for signs of potential legal or compliance issues. It can make detections based on subtle clues that agents may miss. It alerts the agents so they can take appropriate action.

Significantly improve your support metrics


Improvement in customer NPS


Reduction in overall support cost


Reduction in case handling time

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