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It is highly likely that you are going through a digital transformation right now. Voice is the #1 method of choice among insurance consumers to connect with their provider - Is voice part of your digital transformation strategy? Agara presents the first-ever autonomous contact center for your voice calls. Consumers can get instant responses 24x7 and be insulated from your operational limitations. Time-sensitive tasks like first notice of loss or claim status tracking can be handled without any human involvement while more complex conversations can be made simpler by Agara securing information upfront.

Instant responses. Always.

Imagine picking up the phone on the first ring - every single time. On holidays, weekends, or in the middle of the night. Even when your contact center is overwhelmed with callers. That's the kind of service guarantee that you can provide your customers with Agara.

Completely natural conversations

Your customers would love talking to Agara. It talks like an actual person but is better in every way. It does not waste a single second of their time. It remembers everything. It does not put them on hold. And it is always happy to connect them to an actual agent, if needed.

Always up to date

Customers need the most information when they call in. But policies, operating circumstances, and interest rates change. You can update Agara in minutes and have it provide the update information instantly and consistently. No more long training and re-training sessions.

Unaffected by call center availability

Agara works in the cloud and is always available, even when your contact centers are not functional due to any reason - like Covid 19. You can scale it up or down within seconds as per your need.
Automate up to


of inbound & outbound customer facing conversations
Reduce costs by


compared to manual support calls
Improve CSAT scores by


by providing instant, accurate support

Delight your customers at every turn!

Consumers need information and assistance at every step of their journey. With Agara, you can help provide information and resolutions on-demand or proactively.

Discovery & Purchase

  • Provide on-demand information on available policies
  • Create new quotes and modify existing quotes
  • Outbound reminder calls for customers who have created quotes for faster conversion
  • Outbound / on-demand appointment setting for agents

Onboarding & Account Support

  • Provide a detailed explanation of key clauses in their policy at a time of the customer's choosing
  • 24x7 ability to update the address on the policy
  • 24x7 ability to update coverage in the policy
  • Instantly reset account passwords
  • Provide on-demand coverage information before planned hospitalizations

Renewals & Payments

  • Proactive reminders for upcoming renewals
  • Reminders for lapsed renewals, capture intent to renew, and instantly convert with live transfer an agent
  • Change payment method on file for recurring payments
  • Request extension of premium payment date

Claims Management

  • 24x7 ability to file first notice of loss followed by live transfer to an agent or creation of a case to be handled by agents later
  • Proactive updates on in-process claims
  • On-demand information on claim status
  • On-demand information on the status of the car sent to the body shop
  • Outbound / on-demand appointment setting for insurance investigators

24x7 Customer-friendly Support

  • Round the clock availability
  • Instantly scalable - You can handle an unexpected volume spike without prior preparation
  • Infinitely configurable - You can choose exactly what information you need from the caller, how you authenticate them, and what information you provide
  • Fast changes - You can modify conversations to suit your requirements and make it effective instantly

Thinking of implementing phone support automation?

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Today's customers have been born in the digital age. Waiting is the one thing they do not want to do. You may already be targeting them with mobile apps, online services, and live chat support. Let's bring your phone support to a higher plane of sophistication with Agara.

Data security & privacy is our #1 priority

We understand that keeping customer data safe is paramount to you. We have built Agara to ensure your data is not exposed to any risks while still enabling you to provide great services.

No training data required

You do not need to provide any training data to get results from Agara. Just help us understand your workflows or create them yourself. Eliminating a bulk transfer of data completely removes any possibility of breaches.

Can be hosted in your cloud

Wary of customer data leaving your environment? We can implement Agara within your cloud so it is always subject to your security requirements.

End-to-end encryption

Data is always encrypted while in transit and at rest inside Agara. We use the banking-grade AES-256 standard and TLS protocol for encryption to ensure the safety of your data at all times.

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