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Order related phone enquiries for retailers


<3 mins

Agara can respond to these instantly, rapidly and without disturbing your customer service reps.

Self-service over phone for the most common queries

Order Tracking

Offer 24x7 self-service for order tracking over phone. Your customers can query Agara about the current state of the shipment, expected date of arrival and more.

Order Modifications

Agara fulfils all order modification requests like adding and removing items or changing the delivery address right from updating the order to managing revised billing.

Order Cancellation

Agara can autonomously handle cancellation requests and simultaneously update your order management system, thus providing a seamless experience for the customer.

Returns & Refunds

Agara can process return requests and issue refunds based on your business rules. It can also update users about their reimbursement status whenever queried.

Account Management

Agara can handle all account management related queries like password reset requests and other miscellaneous enquries about terms and policies.

Loyalty & Rewards

For loyalty point related queries like points balance enquiry, steps to redeem etc. Agara first pulls information from loyalty systems and then suggests steps to troubleshoot.

Support as it should be.Fast. Seamless. Efficient.

24X7 Support

Respond effectively to customers during disturbances, off-duty hours, during rush periods and during staff shortages.

Zero Wait

Answer calls instantly, every time. Shield your customers from endless wait times.

8% - 10%

Increase in Customer NPS


Reduction in Manual Support Requirement


Reduction in Average Call Duration

40% - 60%

Reduction in Total Support Cost

60+ brands worldwide are using Agara

"Agara's partnership has been strategic, where Augmented Intelligence gifts our advisors with superpowers allowing them to build trusted customer relationships at scale."

Rosa Maria Cruz, Associate Director - Global Business Services - P&G


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